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Everybody In the Whole Cell Block

20 Aug

We have plans to visit Lucerne to see the former Swiss fortress that was hidden inside a mountain.  I wrote about that here but I’m sure that you’ve already committed it to memory so forget I said anything.  When I was looking for a hotel I came across a pretty unique one.  It’s called Jailhotel Löwengraben and it was a former jail.

Built in 1862 the jail was still in use until 1998 when a new prison was built and the prisoners moved along.  As the building was considered somewhat historic the city didn’t want to tear it down.  They floated a bunch of different ideas of what could be housed in the building without changing much of the structure.  My favorite has to be the plan to have a school there.  As if school didn’t feel enough like incarceration, let’s make it more realistic, shall we?  In the end, the hotel idea won out.  And since, as I mentioned, not much of the structure has changed, if you stay there you are staying in a jail.

They have three types of rooms – former cells, former offices and four suites.  The suites were a former library, a former rec room for prisoners, the director’s office and what used to be the visitor’s room.  The suites look like nice big rooms, the former offices or “Most Wanted” rooms look like smallish hotel rooms.  And the former cells or “Unplugged” rooms?  They look like cells… because they freaking were.  It seems that some of the good people on Trip Advisor didn’t quite the whole theme of the place.

The experience was really really close to jail experience! Gives you a first hand experience of what it would be to spend time behind the bars. The room was the most narrow/small room I have ever slept in! Dark, narrow and with a stell rail bed! The door of the room is made of old style steel & wood. There was not even a single window in the room except for a peep hole all the way up near the roof! (italics are mine)  And inside all this, was a make shift bath+toilet!
The experience was so bad and depressing that we kept roaming around in the streets even though we were dead tired. The very thought of getting back to this room was so repulsive that we chose to spend out time out doors until it was late in the night.


The Rooms in this Jail Hotel were very small with hardly any ventilation. We felt choked and claustrophobic. Families should avoid this Jail!  (italics are mine)


Who Are These People?

13 Aug

This is not a classy move, my friends.  I am not proud of what I’m about to tell you but I simply cannot keep quiet about this anymore.  Every time I’m reading travel boards, product reviews or comments in general, I read something that makes me go “Really?”.  Typically, I just keep this kind of thing to myself because who cares?  Everyone has their own opinion and they are definitely entitled to it.  Who is to say that you’re even going to agree with me, for starters.  I might think that these comments are out there but you might think that they make perfect sense.  And sometimes I honestly think that people are making things up just so their stuff gets read.

Somehow, despite all that, I’ve decided to add yet another Category to my list called “Who Are These People?”.  Now when I see these comments I can share them with you, dear reader.  And you can ignore them.

And since I’m not determined to start with a big bang, I’ll just toss out one that I saw today.  This was a product review for Rick Steves packing cubes (3 pack of large packing cubes, if you care.  I so totally do not care but apparently I like typing.)

“Great sense of organization and security when traveling. Watched security at the airport take a bag completely apart to check it………….now, I am relived to know my small, personal items are well contained if they take my bag apart. Also, makes a great way to ‘live’ out of them as they are contained when placed in hotel drawers (on top of a towel), just lift from suitcase to drawer……..very efficient.”

Her statement makes perfect sense.  I just found myself thrown by the whole towel scenario.  Is she reassuring us?  And if so, how?  Are we glad that she is saving the drawer from touching her stuff or vice versa?  Is the towel to cushion the packing cube?  Am I taking crazy pills here?