Sad Pandas Should Eat Tofu

19 Dec

Where have I been?  Well, mostly Minneapolis with a side trip to Boston and a visit home to Bismarck.  Oh, but you meant where have I been since September when I last posted.  That’s a bit longer of an answer but here I go…

‘Round about August I started to feel my depression kicking in.  I spent a lot of time wondering if we should even bother with this trip.  It was a long way to go to feel blue.  And I felt like I was starting to scrape the bottom of my particular barrel.  Then one day I was home and I watched a random documentary about juice fasting (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead).  I reacted pretty strongly.  When I watch It’s a Wonderful Life I need to hug my loved ones, when I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I apparently needed to launch out of the house, buy two books on juicing, buy a cart full of veg and fruit and then head to Target to buy a juicer.

This has very little to do with travel but it has a whole lot to do with my mood which has made me feel like I want to travel again.  I juiced for ten days and felt reallly great afterwards.  Then about four or five weeks later the Mister and I both did another fast (on his encouragement).  The big thing was that between those fasts and since, I’ve stuck to a mostly vegan diet and it’s kind spectactular how much better I’ve been feeling.

So I want to start writing in this blog again because we are going on the trip and I do want to share all of the research and planning I’ve been doing.  I have to remind myself that this blog is more about a scrapbook for me than about anyone else reading it because I worry that I’m boring the pants of y’all.  I really want to look back and have a record of the time leading up to our European adventure because finally making it overseas is something that I’ve been meaning to do for years and I’m proud that I’ve stuck with this.

[Hi, Mom!]

Anyway, I’ll start writing my one post a day starting after the new year.  Until then I hope you are all safe and sound.  Here’s best wishes to you this holiday season whatever it is you’re eating!


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