Knock Out

2 Sep

I’ve been a little behind on research this past week.  It may have been a bit hard for you to carry on without me telling you what I think about various travel soap and the best destination to get a haircut in Switzerland.  For that, I apologize. 

Today I’m back and I’m committing to being back by sharing a little story about desktop wallpaper.  You see, I spend a good part of my work life in front of a computer (when I’m not at someone else’s computer).  So it’s helpful to me to have pictures up that inspire me.  Even if they only inspire me to not fall asleep.  Times are hard, people.  Sleeping on the job is no longer okay.  I had no idea that there would be days like this.  Sooner or later they are going to tell me that I can’t wear pajamas to work and then it’s going to get ten different shades of serious in my world.

Thankfully, that day has yet to come.  And I can still pick my desktop so I did.  I popped a picture of the Mister and Henry (otherwise known as LB for Little Buddy) onto one screen.  You can see it on the right side bar with all my other Flickr photos.  For the second photo I thought I should pick one of somewhere that we’ll be going.  When I thought of the beautiful places we’ll be in less than a year (hold me!), this is the clear beauty pageant winner.  Or scholarship contest, if that’s how we’re rolling.  The Cinque Terre.

What’s even better is I found today’s image at a site called Chaffeurs Italy.  Now I don’t want the Mister to read this and get excited that we’ll be met at the train station by a driver with a sign that reads “Karli and the Mister”.  Though that would be cute.  Anyone got buddies in Milan?  Never mind.  What I’m getting at here is that the Cinque Terre (or Five Lands) is a group of five cities near Genoa.  They all have their own personalities and specialities.  I’m gonna blog about them again soon but I thought that this picture would give you a taste of the good things to come.


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