I’m So Excited and I Couldn’t Possibly Hide It

22 Aug

Sometimes I just can’t help getting excited about little things.  It’s probably a good trait to have but it does warrant a lot of knowing smiles from my friends.  You know, the kind where you can hear them thinking “there she goes again!”  I’d hate to let them down so here’s a post about mailing envelopes.

DuPont makes a kind of quasi paper called Tyvek.  This stuff is awesome.  It weighs what paper does but it is water-resistant, tear-resistant and it’s recyclable.  I bought a pack at Office Max today.  They aren’t cheap at $12.99 for five but they are perfect for the job.  And what is the job?  I’m glad you asked.  Or I’m glad that I’m pretending you asked because that will help me transition into the next paragraph.

I think this pictures says "if you don't love Tyvek envelopes then you're a stinky dog hater", what do you think?

When I travel I like to keep ticket stubs and other paper bits with me.  The folders will come in handy since they are both tough and super light.  They can hold all the stuff we collect and even serve as a mailing pouch should I go nuts with my scrap-keeping.  I hope I won’t but there is something to be said in favor of free souvenirs that are flat that sometimes has me going a bit overboard. 

The only problem is that since we might be mailing these suckers home I don’t feel like I can color on them.  But they are big and white and begging for doodles.  Quick, someone get me a drink.  It’s going to be long night.


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