Le One Drink Minimum

14 Aug

During our first date, I told the Mister with not a little bit of surprise “you’re actually funny”.  I realize now that this might have sounded less than complimentary but at the time I was just saying what I felt.  Many a guy had told me that he was funny or I’d been set up with guys who were supposed to be hilarious only to watch the clock through and entire date.  Here was someone who was actually funny, as in real life, on the spot, belly chuckle funny.  And, well… me being me, I thought he ought to know.

Over four and a half years later (OMG!), he’s still funny.  Actually.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m in love with the guy and get happy just seeing him, I suppose.  Still, he did stand up at one point and was approached about going pro.  He still likes to see comics, pro or otherwise, at work.  As a result I thought it would be fun to see some when we’re on our trip.

In Paris, every Friday at Le Pranzo you can attend NY Comedy Nights.  You must make a reservation for the chucklefest but it’s free if you buy one drink.  And it’s in English so I won’t be like a dog waiting for the words I know.  “Ah, he said ‘fromage’.  I know that one!”  Free stand up in the City of Lights.  C’est magnifique!


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