City Walks with Kids: Paris

7 Aug

With kids?  Yes.  Let me explain.  The Mister and I like a lot of stuff that kids like, too.  Valleyfair, ice cream and not doing our chores.  So I thought that City Walks with Kids: Paris would be fun in at least a bizarre way but I’m kind of surprised at how good this is for trip planning.

Come on. Don't you think that bird with a beret is the cutest? Presh!

For example, Rick Steves is big on churches and art.  We know that we should be big on those things, too.  That’s why we are going to the Louvre and Notre Dame.  But wouldn’t it be good to know that while we’re checking out the Mona Lisa we can also see the medieval part of the Louvre that was once a castle with a real live moat?  And how about remembering the Hunchback of Notre Dame and checking out the gargoyles while visiting the cathedrals?  These cards appeal to the part of me that is a kid on vacation.  We can still get a dose of culture while not missing out on world-famous ice cream (it’s on the Île St-Louis at Berthillon, FYI).

These cards also have Metró stops and useful websites listed.  And fun cartoons on the back.  Which Lonely Planet and Fodor’s are sadly missing.  Honestly, if I could read a tour book with more cartoons I’d be on it in a heart beat.

It’s also something worth remembering when you’re going to Europe: fun.  There are a lot of things that you should see, right?  But we’re not the Griswolds.  It’s not a competition.  You don’t need to return home and fill in a survey that shows you saw all the big ticket stuff.  If you don’t care, don’t go.  Or at the very least, research whatever it is you’re dreading and find out why everyone else makes such a big deal out of it.  Because I’m pretty sure there’s a reason.  Maybe there’s ice cream?


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