Brusha Brusha Brusha

4 Aug

Packing a toothbrush for travel is a good idea.  If this is a new concept to you then you’re the chain-smoking, coffee-drinker who sat next to me on a Delta flight out of Phoenix.  If you do brush, please read on. Once you decide to continue that fantastic dental hygiene routine you’ve got going while traveling you might wonder how best to accomplish this. Or you might find you’re in Cleveland without a toothbrush and happy as a clam about it, I don’t judge. The point is that there are a bunch of people out there who have put way more thought into this than I have. And instead of you yawning through their opinions, I thought that I’d sum up the biggies here for you. Your pearly whites are thanks enough.

Yes, that's a deer holding toothbrushes and paste. And if I had it, it would complete me.

Take a Travel Toothbrush
They are, after all, for travel. Some fold in half, the brush going into the handle. Others have the handle double as a container for the brush. There is also a new trend in toothbrushes where you carry along a small case that sterilizes the toothbrush after each use, if that’s your thing. I kiss my dog on the nose. I think you know which party I’m in. They all have different benefits and drawbacks, many of which involve a handle that feels temporary.

Take Your Everyday Toothbrush
Why not? You know it works. It’s already been in your mouth. Why bother with purchasing more stuff when you got that whole stuff thing nailed? You can buy covers for it too. These range from the cover over just the brush to a case that holds the whole thing… and possibly shoots UV rays through it to get it kleen. Apparently it’s not enough that we’re cleaning our teeth, we must also clean the brush. I’m not their target market, obviously.

Take a Regular Toothbrush with Modifications
Some ultra light travel blogs, and especially those for backpacking, recommend chopping the handle off your brush or at least most of it. There are also recommendations for toothbrushes that slide on your finger. Some are more similar to brushes and others are much closer to those grip stickers you put on your bathtub. I may poo poo the idea of cleaning your toothbrush during a trip but I’m not sure I’m on board with the finger brush. I’ve run into many an occasion on the road where I was brushing my teeth without a sink, using a bottle of water. Even with the use of a Wet Wipe and a prayer, I’m still not sure I”d want my mitts in my mouth.

Take Another Toothbrush
What I’ve done for the Mister and I is to go out and find eco-friendly toothbrushes at the local co-op. Why? They weigh less than the standard, overly-complicated toothbrush that we currently love. Co-ops are really great places to find stuff for travel as the goal is often to use less. That’s where I picked up our tooth powder and some solid shampoo. Be careful that whatever you’re picking up fits the bill. For example, don’t buy a zip top baggie that’s meant to keep your electronic doodads safe when it’s meant to biodegrade.

Don’t Take a Toothbrush

Maybe you’ve gotten use to relying on Colgate Wisps, the one use toothbrush with the toothpaste bead in the center. Or maybe you like to rub meat on your gums before you hit the hay. So be it. Remember, that unless you’re going to a place where people more closely resemble jack o’ lanterns than Vanna White, they’re gonna have what you need anyway. And maybe getting a Turkish toothbrush is why you left the house today.


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