Drop and Give Me Funny

3 Aug

Mom used to call me rubber face. And a good friend, who we’ll call “Kevin” used to tell me that I was a very attractive girl until I chose to make a face. If you know me, that’s apparently all I do. I verified this by being seated across from a mirror while telling a friend about the time the Canadians didn’t want me to drink whiskey. I’ve tried to put the kabosh on just how expressive I am but my face has other plans. If you read my blog from time to time you know that I’ll eventually tie this in to Europe, if you’re new here, trust me… it’s coming. Anyway, I’ve had some fun being funny. In fact, for five years I was lucky enough to be a roller derby announcer where literally tens of people giggled at things I said. Or they said they did and that’s enough for me, pal!

So I’ve been reading about the dos and don’ts in Europe and something that is true across the board is that humor can be dangerous. It can be bad manners or just plain unwelcome as a fart in an elevator. Jokes don’t translate well and most sources strongly suggest that you don’t try. They, truth be told, suggest it with the same authority that they’d likely use when telling you not to lick the pavement. Keep it business when you are dealing with the locals. And when dealing with other Yanks, keep it quiet. While Americans aren’t loathed abroad (just our foreign policy, but who can blame them? anyway…), the general impression is that we’re all pretty dang loud. And, friends, I’m not doing much to buck that stereotype. My voice carries, which is something I got from Dad, and I often swear like a truck driver, which is something I didn’t. I come from a chatty stock on Dad’s side and well-read folk on Mom’s. This explains why I’ve turned in to Cliff Claven at the not so delicate age of 33. I kind of feel like I’ve gotten off the topic here… oh, because I so totally have!

Are the Europeans right in not appreciating humor? Well, first off, they do. They just chuckle at different things. And since the French dig Jerry Lewis and are credited with the invention of the “art” of mime, who are they to say that Tim Allen isn’t a gas? Well, anybody can say that and I’ll buy them a banana split. I think it’s enough to know that what tickles one funny bone can stick in another’s craw. Smiles aren’t even international as Germans see them as insincere unless you are truly happy. And the Swiss? Dude, they yodel. Either they have a fantastic sense of humor or we’re talking about a group with a strange relationship with cows and no inside man to make fun of them for it.

I’m hoping that if I do find myself attempting to be humorous that no one takes offense and I’m certain that will be the case for the most part. After all, the last time I got my toe nails painted red the Korean woman who did it said “oh, red! like whore?” and I’m still laughing about that.

Found this on the web. Apparently this is a single young German woman laughing. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Drop and Give Me Funny”

  1. Graham 2011/08/03 at 18:23 #


  2. LBizzle 2011/08/04 at 14:35 #

    Very good. Too bad you aren’t going to the UK because their sense of humor would align with yours very well. Dry sarcasm is very heavily appreciated or I’m a monkey’s uncle.

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