Anything You Can Do… I Can Also Do

22 Jul

When I tell people that I have a theater major they are not all that shocked… or impressed.  It’s because almost everyone has some experience with acting, no matter how limited.  And some people also believe that they could do it if they weren’t busy doing whatever it is that they do.  It’s not like they are saying that I have a degree in karaoke or handclapping.  I just get the feeling that even after four years of study they aren’t sure that their monologue from the Goonies wouldn’t be better than mine.  (Oh, it so totally would!)

"Anyone know where there's good WiFi around here?"

Writing a travel blog is really similar.  Everyone has their own bank of knowledge on travel.  So even though I devote far too much time to reading about this topic others still have every right to think my take is wrong.  And why shouldn’t they?  If there is one thing that I’ve learned for sure while doing all this research is that being right is usually only temporary.  Or case-specific.  Or totally about your own personal preferences.  Or your destination.  Or your budget… or so many darn things that I could list here.

I can tell you that it’s best not to assume anything.  Airlines don’t have to pay for your hotel stay if your flight is cancelled or your bag if it’s lost.  In fact, it’s only recently that they’ve had to refund your checked bag fee let alone pay for the contents.  You also can’t count on saving money on package deals or by taking a train in Europe.  And just because the luggage is called carry on or some label says “TSA approved”, that’s not necessarily so.

What to do?  Take everything with a grain of salt and do some leg work.  Or at the very least, travel with someone who has.  I’ve traveled with next to no information and had a great time.  I’ve relied on others for the planning and been really pleased.  I’ve also gone on trips where I ended up spending twice the money for half the trip just because my travel partners couldn’t plan their way out of a 3-1-1 bag. 

There are guidebooks and websites for every kind of travel, I guarantee you.  You are also surrounded by experts.  Or at least people who think they are… including one theater major.


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