TravelSmith is Good at Travel and Stuff

15 Jul

I’m super gung-ho about traveling light.  Did you know that airlines lose luggage for one out of ten passengers?  If they’ve never lost yours don’t you think that you are pressing your luck now?  I certainly do but perhaps you don’t and that’s okay.  More room in the overhead for the likes of me.

If you are on the fence it might help to check out the Carry-On Guidelines on  They have a printable PDF with info for domestic and international flights.  There’s info on the max sizes and the charges for checking.  A great idea to put all the information in one place AND keep it up to date.  They also have packing tips but keep in mind that TravelSmith will actually want to sell you stuff because they are a business.  I mean, they even have links to the stuff they want you to buy in their sample packing lists (which, by the way, are cleverly sorted by type of trip).  What the what?  Are they trying to be profitable or something?  Holy free holy!

We all know what a website looks like so here's "Trip Ahoy!" in Greek.

Their lists are on the heavy side so use them with a grain of salt.  I don’t think that I’ve ever traveled with a robe and I’ve yet to be called a heathen by my travel mates.  I have our current list linked at the top under The List, if you’re wondering.  And if you are, I’m betting that you are just as bored as I am.

Lastly, the peeps at TS have a Quick Links section in the Travel Center that I thought was really helpful.  Info on weather, reading, TSA and the like are linked there.  I feel like I should order something from their site now since I got so much darn info.  But I’m going to overcome that urge for now by eating a donut.  That usually does the trick.


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