Fork It Over

10 Jul

One of my favorite food memories of all time was gathering the makings of a picnic in Paris.  We bought some fresh strawberries from a local farm then went next door to pick from the many varieties of cheese.  Added to that was a fresh French loaf and a bottle of real sugar Coca-Cola and we were off for a fine picnic.

We have a few picnics planned for our trip, the most notable one being on the amazing green field that’s in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  So I picked up a Light My Fire Spork for each of us.  I’d hate to find we were in our hotel room with an especially messy piece of sachertorte (Austrian specialty of chocolate cake with apricot jam between layers and a thick chocolate frosting – oh, yeah!) and nothing to eat it with.  Though in that situation you know I’m going to use my hands before just brushing my teeth and going to bed.

These sporks work pretty well but I found myself a tiny bit concerned that I might step on it or otherwise render it pointless.  They were so light that they didn’t look all that tough.  I just bumped into the video below and I no longer have any concerns.  Heck, we can use these suckers as a door jamb if we need to!

Hot dang!


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