Your Butt is Mine

9 Jul

Today’s post is about your “personal business” and travel. When you go abroad so does your digestive system. It’s not always thrilled with this proposition either. During my reading this past day I’ve run into a couple of things that made me pause and consider it.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the many biological time bombs that traveling can sometimes serve up. First off, I pretty much eat anything whether I’m at home or on a street in Tijuana  Perhaps it’s my continual willingness to roll the dice that helps me out here. Or maybe I haven’t gone anywhere foreign enough yet. If I just jinxed myself to a close personal friendship with a hotel latrine then so be it. I think I may just have it coming.

I started thinking about this as I was reading Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson. He is a cartoonist and I don’t have any of his other work but I saw this on one of my many recent trips to the library and I read it in one go. The book is compiled of his sketchbook during a trek through France, Morocco, Barcelona and the Alps. He makes sure that you know that this is just for fun but enjoy it anyway and I did. I took a picture of the section where he wrote about travel diarrhea because it made me laugh so loudly that our dog Henry thought I was barking.

Then today I started reading a book I not only checked out from the library but reserved called A Guidebook to the Bathrooms of the World by Lilín M. Rauchle. And even for a book about bathrooms it’s pretty darn bad. Lilín can’t seem to stop herself from putting exclamations at the end of every sentence. It’s as if we’ve had a bad date but she doesn’t get it and she’s hoping that we can do this again real soon! She had a fantastic time and it was really great to meet me!

Her book is chock full of opinions without information and photos that shouldn’t have even been processed let alone published in a book that I’m sure someone donated to the library (or left in the bathroom). Some are overexposed so that you cannot even see what it is that she’s describing. It’s less a guidebook than a sad walk down someone’s memory lane, one where the toilet seat is always up and the comments are always about squatting. I will admit to writing a letter to a friend on DeutscheBahn toilet paper. That stuff you got on the trains was not Charmin, that’s for sure. That’s what makes traveling exotic… maybe someone has written a guidebook of the different ways to wipe your bum?  Fascinating!  A really good read!  Let’s do this again real soon like!


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