Less is More and Also Less

1 Jul

I think we all know what eyedroppers look like so here is a picture of my dog, Henry J Buddy.

I was thinking about this post and planning on naming it “Mule for Hire” but then I worried that people would be contacting me to carry drugs across the border.  And while I realize that I should be glad of an equal opportunity employment offer it’s not something that I would ever be interested.  I may like travel but I also like my vital organs and the freedom to sleep in a bed without a woman named Jimmy telling me I have a pretty mouth.  Though that would certainly be flattering, come to think of it.  I guess it would depend on how she said it.  Because if she didn’t intend it as a threat it would be a mighty fine compliment and who doesn’t like compliments from ladies?

Anyhow, I’m here to talk about packing today.  Not drugs.  Not even packing of drugs.  Just regular going on a trip, putting stuff in a bag, packing.  I read a book called, strangely enough, The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-On Traveler by Judith Gilford.  If you’re the sort who likes to read books about packing then you’ve read this already and have taped certain parts of it to your body for reference.  It’s pretty good.  Gilford does get a tad bit detailed about clothing.  And from what she writes I’m pretty sure that she and I don’t wear the same thing.  Not only do I not own a two piece dress, I would be clueless as to where to find one.  And I’d have to buy half the jewelry she suggests as everything I own is plastic or plastic-inspired wonderfulness.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t write a whole post on this book, as per my usual, it’s because I feel like talking about something else.  Blame it on the heat.  It’s 95° in the shade today and I can’t bear to think how hot my car is.  For some reason the high temperatures have got me thinking about eye droppers.

I read this post a few months ago on the Travelite blog and was inspired to put some of our toiletries in eye droppers.  The author makes great points about the suckers saying that they are less prone to leaking and better about dishing the amount you want.  As I’m terribly guilty of doling out an entire bottle of conditioner in one go, these sounded fabulous.  Another post on pretty much the same topic was made here on Brian’s Backpacking Blog.  And from that I found this site which should make the Mister nice and worried.  Pretty soon I’m going to be putting everything into a dropper and labeling it.  I may even use it after I bottle it!

Lately I feel as if I’ve been going to the gym a fair amount.  If you do this too then you will understand when I say that I feel like I’ve been packing for months.  Thanks to this I’ve been finding out what works and what doesn’t as far as travel containers go for long term.  The sample sizes that you buy at CVS are nice but I am hard pressed to get anything out of them.  I’ve had luck with the Go Toob but the Recommender has had trouble with the suction cup variety… and they’re a bit big for some of the things I want to tote along.  A big one, or should I say a dinky one, is perfume.  I know that solid perfume exists but I also know that I haven’t found any that I like enough to use for close to a month.  So itty bitty eyedropper could solve that problem and we could all sleep well tonight!  That is if it’s not too freaking hot.  Blargh.


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