Rembrandt (1936)

23 Jun

Sometimes it’s just fun to watch a movie. That’s lucky because the amount of accurate information I could gather from a Korda film is about the same as the amount of nutrition I can get from a chicken McNugget. But that’s not the point, is it? And I seem to gain some kind of enjoyment out of both scenarios though I certainly feel less nauseous after watching this movie.

Rembrandt is a film about the Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn (Rijn rhymes with pine). Though famous and spendy in today’s art world, he’d die pretty much penniless. I also knew that his first wife died and he lived with a woman in his later years. There ends what I know about Rembrandt besides his kick ass self portraits. So I’m probably not a good judge of what is accurate but the internet always picks up where film leaves off.

Sources say that director Alexander Korda did a wonderful job of accurately portraying Holland at this time. Charles Laughton was also very good. I concur. Though I will admit that I found myself double-checking his bio to see if he had played the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz though I knew better. In case you’re wondering, he so totally didn’t.

What I liked best about this movie was seeing the Bride of Frankenstein’s Elsa Lanchester playing opposite her husband (Laughton). Granted theirs was a lavender marriage and Laughton was as gay as a picnic basket. Still there is something fun about seeing real couples together in a movie. Except for Gigli, I guess. I can’t bring myself to watch.

Besides wishing tha some more thought had been put into the application of Laughton’s facial hair, I have no qualms about suggesting this movie to others. If for no other reason than hearing the painting the Night Watch called dark. In our time we know that it was just dirty. Which reminds me… Maybe it’s time for a McNugget.

Sorry, I was totally done. I promise. But when I was looking for a link to the Night Watchman I got a little saddened by how badly Google wanted to show me tee


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