The Mister Stars in “Winning!”

20 Jun

The Mister taught me that it's good to use a dollar bill to show scale. Oh and it's good not to buy SPF sized for a Smurf.

Two things to share with y’all today.  The first is that I put our packing list up here.  You can find it at the top right of the blog page as “The List” or you can just click this link and do a merry dance (those with pre-existing medical conditions should consult their doctor before dancing, merrily or otherwise.  If you have a history of jig-induced heart, back or neck problems proceed only under medical supervision.  Trip Ahoy! is not liable for any injuries or distruction of property as a result of dancing.).  Enjoy!

The second is that sometimes The Mister is much smarter than me but he loves me anyway.  Thank the fates!  And since you know me so well, here comes the obligatory explanation of why The Mister has moments when his brain is working and mine has gone to watch Sesame Street.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Back when I first started planning our trip I was going a little cuckoo with sites that listed ways to pack lighter and lighter still and pack lighter, you pansy!  I think that I’m getting better now but for a bit there I was judging the merit of everything on our list and arguing with The Mister about whether or not he should really bring jeans because, well, they’re heavy.

Anyway, I decided that we should bring our sunscreen in stick form which is not a bad idea.  You don’t have to get sticky hands to apply as it goes on like deodorant, no worry about it dripping everywhere and you can apply in the wind, should that be the sitch.  But you could also spend the next twenty minutes applying the stuff because it goes on like deodorant.  And though the wind scenario might come up it’s far more likely that we’ll need more free time than the stick SPF will allow us.

When I finally surrendered my stick SPF fantasy, I told the Mister that we would, sadly, be buying our sun protection “over there”.  He replied “well, of course”.  And there you have it.  It took a couple of weeks for this dream to die but it has.  It’s a dead dead dead dream.  If you see the picture here you’ll see that not only did I buy a stick but I bought an itty bitty stick, as if to compound a problem that was already waaaaaay out of hand.  I was thinking about timing myself and seeing exactly how much time I would be wasting if I attempted to cover all exposed bits with Neutrogrena’s Oil-Free Sunblock Stick in Extra Freaking Tiny.  But then there’s useful reporting and then there’s the chance to exaggerate and I think you know where my loyalties lie.  So it took me the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy to get sun-ready, okay?

So let me repeat in case I lost today’s main lesson amongst my babbling.  The Mister, he is wise.  He knows things.  Like he’ll boldly tell you that those Europeans?  Yeah, they gots sunscreen.  And it’s normal people-size.


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