My Favorite Traveler

19 Jun

I bet you thought this would be about Rick Steves, didn’t you?  It just so happens that my dad is my favorite traveler.  When I think of how someone can make the most out of a trip he is my gold standard.  He always loved going somewhere, meeting new people and gathering new stories.  He’d often have a camera at the ready and a smile on his face.  Until the Mister pointed it out to me, I never realized what a positive guy Dad is.  That’s just how he’s always been, right?  I didn’t realize it was remarkable until I realized that this is a decision he made and continued making.  Even when the cards are down he’s pretty damn good at keeping his chin up.

I hope that you all take time to think of your dads today.  They are all special.  I hope that you still have him in your life and if that’s not possible, I hope that you are able to celebrate him in your heart.  Thanks to my sister and her Facebook page, here are some pics of my hero.

Photo by The Bear. Dad always said that when he was an "old guy" that he'd wear overalls just like his dad did. Note the Nikon around his neck.


Here's Dad with his favorite traveler. They saw a lot of the world together. It's good to have someone to wear leiderhosen with.


Photo by Uncle John. Here's Dad taking our picture. It's hard to find as many of him because his face was always behind his trusty Nikon.


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