Scenic Walks of the World – Wonders of Man’s Creations

18 Jun

This video is another example of me trying too hard.  You could say that this whole blog fits that description but everyone needs a hobby.  Blogging about my Europe research has to be a bit more constructive than, say, being a sniper.  That’s the only argument I can think of right now as my brain is numb from watching this sucker.

You are getting very sleepy...

The Scenic Walks of the World series is brought to us by the good people at Reader’s Digest.  As I fought to stay alert I had a flashback of many a video shown in darkened classrooms.  It was tempting to put my head down and move my pen back and forth over my notebook to pretend that I’m taking notes.  And that I’m awake.

It’s the measured tones of the narrator that does it, I imagine.  Perhaps he considers his pace as one of reverence for a very serious topic.  We’re talking about the Colliseum, Machu Picchu and the Kremlin, after all.  I would prefer enthusiasm over drowsiness any day.  The information is all good but I’m hard fought to remember any of it as every word carefully flows into the next.  Basically, it’s so well narrated it put me in a trance.

I did perk up when the subject turned to Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.  That’s why I had checked this DVD out in the first place.  Though I didn’t learn anything new about either structure it was fun to see pictures.  I was reminded of how large Versailles is (very) and how the Eiffel Tower was scheduled for demolition in 1909 but it came in handy as a radio tower.  Then when it helped the French intercept German transmissions during the Great War, Parisians decided to keep their tower around.  All interesting stuff, I will admit.  I can’t help breathing a sigh of relief that it’s over… just like today’s post.


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