Tell Me What You Want. What You Really, Really Want.

3 Jun

You know lately I will try just about anything as long as I can somewhat loosely (and I mean loosely) tie it back to our trip.  For example, right now I’m in the middle of putting together a jigsaw puzzle I found on an endcap at Target because it features Vernazza, a town we’re visiting.  Halfway through I didn’t really feel like finishing it but I’m going to make myself.  Why?  Because it’s connected to the trip!  Aren’t you paying attention?!  What?  Am I taking crazy pills?

This is what mine looks like, except instead of $100 it has Dr. Pepper LipSmackers.

Sorry.  I had some caffeine once and it made me hyper.  I blame the drugs.

So anyway, I bought something that seemed like a good idea.  You know, for the trip?  Well, it’s something called the Banjees Sporty Wrist Wallet made by a company called Sprigs.  Now I didn’t see the label that said “Sporty Wrist Wallet”.  Or at least I would like to think that I didn’t.  This would have keyed me in to the notion that I was not their target market.  I don’t do “sporty”, typically.  I’ve made special passes in the past for certain cars, socks and Spice Girls.  That’s true.  But for a wrist wallet?

My first chance to try this sucker out, besides trying it on in the store and screaming “look, baby!  You know? For the trip!”, was wearing it to Valley Fair.  If you haven’t been, Valley Fair is an amusement park south of the Twin Cities.  Most of the rides make me scream like I’m being stabbed.  I wish that I was exaggerating but that is actually how I’ve been described as sounding.  It seemed to me that while I was worrying about surviving my next amusement that it might be nice not to worry about if my money was still in my pocket.  Enter the Banjees.

I stuffed cash, a tube of lip gloss and my ID into it.  We were outside for about six hours and I had it on the whole time.  My wrist only got a little warm but only on the side that had the stuff in it.  That makes sense.  I think that you’d be hard pressed to find a way to hold an ID to your wrist for six hours and still feel daisy fresh.  It was convenient and would work really well if I wasn’t wearing something that had pockets.  However, since I wasn’t wearing long sleeves I felt a little bad ass with my black wrist wallet.  Yes, that is sad.  This was before I knew that it was sporty though.  After wearing it for a full day I began to think about how I could probably get the Mister to tote around my cash for me and tough it out on the lip gloss front.  The main reason that I got it was to get away from bulk and it felt like, well, bulk.  It’s important to know that I don’t wear a watch, bracelets, rings or scarves without feeling weighed down.  I’m not your average bear, in other words.

They make other colors, more sporty colors than the black/grey combo I picked.  I was just thinking that I wanted to have something neutral that would go with pretty much anything.  Little did I know that I was being sporty.  When you are sporty you can wear whatever.  You know, like that certain Spice Girl.

I’ve since used this on a couple of dog walks.  I like to put my house key in it.  I’m like a traveling Hide-a-Key.  If I ran then it would be great to have this along, too.  More responsible types might even want to put their emergency contact info in their Banjees.  The Banjees is so small and takes up so little space that you could throw it in your regular bag and have it as an option.  In case you are feeling sporty.  Ahhh zigga zig ahhhh.


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