Wherefore Art Thou and Stuff?

23 May

When he was in college the Mister trod the boards as Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  I know that he’s a good actor but I just wish that I had been there to see his butt in tights.  TMI?  Anyway, when we head to Italy next year we’ll be doing a day trip to fair Verona where they, you know, lay the scene.

Verona already has millions of visitors every year.  Or 1.5 million to be more exact.  When Dad toured Italy in the early sixties he made a visit there, too.  The big draw appears to be Juliet (I bet things would be different if they saw the Mister’s can).  When there you can visit Juliet’s tomb and her balcony.  Below her balcony you can also gain luck in love by rubbing the right breast of a Juliet statue.  I’m not sure how you do this without feeling like a perv but that statue has one shiny sweater puppet so apparently very few are concerned.

This statue arrived in the '60s and it's been rubbed the right way since.

Most of the information about the Juliet sights in Verona explain that it’s just a beautiful story.  That the Italian book that Shakespeare based his play on was written about two warring factions, not two warring families.  The names in Italian were Capuleti and Montecchi and easily translate into Capulet and Montague.  But some sources claim that it’s real! and that it really happened! in Verona!  One site even has both sides of the coin with one page saying story and the other proclaiming that it’s genuine.

Does it matter?  I seems not.  Thousands of women every year write letters to Juilet.  And someone has been replying.  Since 1940, when a local started answering the mail that had been piling up, volunteers in Verona have been responding to letters about love.  Some simply have the address on them of “Juliet, Verona”.  They even pick winners every year of the letters that they like best and give out awards for them on Valentine’s Day.  Which kind of stinks because you could have your hopes dashed by the contest along with all the other V Day folderol.  Or you could win and they could make a movie of your life, right?  Sure.

I think we’ll probably stick to seeing the balcony, doing some rubbing and then running off to find some gelato.  However, I’m really excited to see Verona.  During the filming of “Letters to Juliet“, 2010’s forgettable chick flick,  a producer noted that they worried that the shooting that they were doing on location was going to look fake… because it was too storybook pretty.  Which reminds me of the Mister’s… never mind.


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