My Traveling Library

20 May

Today I accidentally was late back from lunch.  You see I got myself a big old salad and was reading Victor Hugo on iPhone through Kindle.  It takes a special kind of nerd to lose track of time reading Victor Hugo and I am that kind of nerd, Ladies and Gentlemen.

My Kindle was a gift from the Mister for my birthday last year and I love it to bits.  Yes, I have an iPad but reading on thing at night is a no-no.  The light from the screen tells my brain that it’s daytime! and it’s time to be awake! and makes it a bit hard to sleep.  Also, if I can be real picky, I don’t enjoy swiping when I read.  Looking at the lit up display I can see every fingerprint with dis-ease.  The Kindle allows me to just press a button to get to the next page.  Normally, I’m an Apple geek (I’m a nerd and a geek, so what?) but my Kindle cannot be beat for eReading.

Another benefit to the Kindle is that I can read books on my iPhone, like I mentioned before, and on my computer.  And the whole shooting match syncs up, too.  Now, you can go ahead and tell me that a paper book syncs up too by simply being the same dang book.  I still like paper books but for travel and just generally being on the go, it’s great to have a Kindle.  Today’s lunch was a great example when I found myself eating solo and with time to read.  I hadn’t planned it and I’d hate to miss out on some downtime.  Every second must be filled.  FILLED!

My Kindle looks like this but it's covered in lipstick kisses.

I’ve started taking my Kindle to the gym, too.  Instead of watching the Real Housewives of [fill in the city] I’m reading about Oscar Wilde or the history of soccer.  I feel like I actually work harder when I’m reading because I’m not busy reading the subtitles that say “oh no she didn’t!”. 

I’m also looking forward to having guide books on my Kindle for our trip.  We’ll still be able to read them on the iPad and my iPhone but I’ll have the advantage of buying Rick Steves.  See, he’s only available on the Kindle and you know I don’t travel without him.  You know this because I mention him every other post and because I’ve got a tattoo of his likeness on my forearm.

My only complaint about my beloved Kindle is that sucker is easy to shop on.  Good golly.  Amazon is all too crafty at suggesting other titles that I would like.  When you click once and have a book in three different places all at once it’s a dangerous thing.  It’s happened more than once that I realize I’ve just bought three different books when I went in for one in particular.  It’s like Target but for books.  I just hope I can afford to keep on loving my Kindle this much.


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