This is How We Do This

18 May

I’ve never been a scrapbooker. Most vacations I barely remember to take photographs. Besides sending out postcards to others, I really don’t have that much to show for my trips. Oh, yeah. Besides memories. And a deep dread of airport screenings.

This is not true for my dad. He took some of the best vacation photographs I’ve ever seen. He would eventually progress from an amateur to a professional photographer. We rarely posed. The photos were taken when we were exploring. As if my dad was our personal paparazzi. I’m so grateful to have these pictures now though at the time this wasn’t the case. In fact, I looked at all his camera gear and was puzzled why he’d bother. Ah, kids. They can be such schmucks.

Florence page from the family scrapbook

Another thing that Dad had a talent for was the aforementioned scrapbooking. He told me today that to keep track of all the paper whatnots that are accumulated during travel that he would bring a Ziploc bag and place everything it. As I prepare my own trip, it is pretty fantastic to find such a detailed walk down memory lane courtesy of a giant scrapbook.

Today’s picture is just one page out of this giant scrapbook. I’m going to be sending a bunch more time going through it so you may see more. You might see much more, come to think of it. I’ve always felt lucky that I had the dad I did. But today I’m especially so.


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