Smurfs Up!

13 May

The last few posts on this blog have been kind of dreary.  Unless you find syphillis and the machinery of war a jolly good time, that is.  So I thought today would be a good time to talk about the Smurfs.  These little blue bags of fun started in the mind of a Belgian cartoonist.  Yes, really.  They weren’t initially named Smurfs either but Schtroumpfs.  Just like the Jeffersons they were a result of a spin off from a popular Belgian comic called “Johan et Pirlouit” (which translates into “Johan and Peewit”.  Now isn’t that worth reading today’s post for?  Because if it doesn’t I think you need to head over to YouTube and do a search for “tired puppies”.  You are obviously in need of some cheering up, my friend.)

Anyway, Les Schtroumpfs became so popular that they got their own strip.  Then they got their own cartoon studio with animators churning out comics, books, and magazines.  They also had musical hits by Michel Legrand who is better known for the soundtracks for Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Thomas Crown Affair(1968).  That’s quite a pedigree, Smurfs.

Today my boss called me Cliff Claven, of Cheers fame, but I like to think that I take after Brainy Smurf... and maybe Velma from Scooby Doo.

Smurfs take over Belgium and Holland, but in a peaceful way.  (I’m not looking at anyone, I’m just lovin’ on the Smurfs, y’all.)  The merchandising alone is “off the hizzle”.  The Smurfs then start to appear in the UK in ’78 to promote service stations owned by National.  Then Hanna Barbera grabs hold of the Smurfs in 1981 and the rest is Saturday morning cartoon history.  I’d still definitely pick a Smurf’s Band-Aid over a plain one.  Or a Smurfs lunchbox over an Amazing Hulk.

We may possibly be visiting a whole museum devoted to the Smurfs Belgian comics when we visit Brussels.  The Mister’s dad is a bit of a fiend when it comes to the world of comics.  The Belgian Comic Strip Center is both history and a chance to buy an entire miniature history of a particular comic strip in French or Dutch.  Can you say “souvenir”?  I can.  Though I still can’t say “Peewit” without giggling.

Oh and they make wicked cool Smurfs socks at Loungefly but apparently they are too good for they are currently sold out.


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