Marian Was Onto Something

10 May

Do you ever run into this little problem? Someone will have suggested something to you and you listen very politely to their idea. Perhaps you just weren’t in a receptive mood or they were telling you their thoughts while you were hungry and unable to focus. Anyway, this good idea gets put on hold until some other time. Then someone else mentions it or you figure it out for yourself (or so you think).

I hope that you do this too because I’d like to think that I’m not the only horrible person out there. It helps me to sleep at night, really. I’m not being intentionally aggravating. I just get lucky that way, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve happened on one of these ideas and now I’d like to tell you about it as if it were my home. The library is a great place to get music. Kristin has told me this for years. Since she is my older sister I listened and agreed but then did nothing. Now I’m willing to admit publicly that she’s definitely on to something but only so you, my reading pal, can benefit.

When I started researching for the trip it was mostly with books, documentaries, and the interwebs. It was only when I recalled that people seemed to have a bunch of luck studying at the libraries that I put two and two together. And I’m proud to say that it did infect add up to four.

A much loved CD on a much loved peg board.

I love music. It’s my hobby when I’m not traveling so why should that be any different when preparing to a trip? Well, I realize that most people don’t go as gonzo as I do. In fact, I’m currently outdoing my current record for lunacy with this blog. But if I’m taking the cuckoo rouge might as well have fun.

By gum, it’s so much fun. I love listening to Edith Piaf, Pavarotti, Louis Prima and Django Reinhardt under the guise of education. I get to feel like a smarty farty AND listen to amazing stuff. Can you say that about your Linkin Park CD? I did not think so.

My favorite music find at the library has been the Rough Guide CDs. They bring together a bunch of amazing music from a certain genre, like Parisen café music, and give you a little history on it. They are amazing and I’ve even ordered Rough Guide CDs for genres that don’t matchupwith our trip exactly, like Bollywood or Flamenco. A girl cannot live on one continent alone… Or she can but I guess I’m saying she don’t gotta.


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