He Said, Cheese Head

7 May

It's a plate. And it has cheese on it, no less.

If you hadn’t thought that I had insulted your intelligence with telling you the obvious before, wait until you read today’s post.  It’s all about Sea to Sumit’s X Bowl.  It’s a bowl that collapses into a plate.  Now I could stop right there and I don’t think that you’d have trouble sleeping tonight wondering what else there is to know about this item.  I mean, there it is.  Collapsible bowl.  Done.

But this isn’t that blog, kids.  I’m going to ramble on here for at least one more paragraph before I let you back to your regularly-scheduled visit to cuteoverload.com.  I can’t leave here without telling you why I’m blogging about this in the first place.  See, the Mister, he likes to have a plate when he eats.  I’m the stand over the sink or eat from the wrapper it came in kind of gal.  When we have one of the salad kits with the dressing and the dried cherries, or whatever, he will use a separate bowl to toss it in before he puts it on the plates.  When I lived by myself I would chuck it all in the bag that it came in, shake shake shake and it’s dinner time.  I would say that his way is more cultured and logical.  But my way also allows me to spend far less time getting my hands soaked in Palmolive.

Anyway, he likes plates.  So when we’re on our trip, why should he suffer?  I do admit to liking bowls for certain things when they’re not really needed.  You know, for things that roll around like grapes or for tortilla chips.  I never enjoy eating tortilla chips off a plate or out of a bag.  So I guess I like dirtying a dish or two for no reason.  (It really is true.  You point one finger at someone and you have yadda, yadda, yadda…).

Now it's a bowl. How do they do it?

The X-Bowl will be our plate away from home or our bowl, depending on the weather.  And it will also be a cutting board.  I plan to get in some serious cheese time during my away game.  I’ve never met a cheese that I didn’t like and most cheeses I’d like to shack up with without so much as getting their phone numbers.  So having somewhere to cut cheese, if we so choose, will be great.  There again, I like to just hack at it quickly because I have trouble trusting my eating partner not to eat more than their share of the dairy loveliness.  But I hear that they have whole stores full of the stuff.  Perhaps while I’m letting my bowl collapse, I’ll ease up some, too.  Oh, yeah.  That’ll happen.


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