Platypus plusBottle

4 May

The platypus. You’ve probably heard this creature referred to as proof of God’s sense of humor. You know, because it has a beaver tail, lays eggs, has otter feet and a duck bill. Those things don’t belong together, right? Boy, God. That’s a zinger! Well, God also gave this little guy venom. Yes, the platypi are packing.

The venom can kill small animals and cause humans excruciating pain. Even after recovering from the initial contact a heightened sensitivity to pain can last for months. Oh, and a platypus can locate his prey using electrical fields.

The Platypus plusBottle in the wild

I bring all this up because I think you should stop laughing at the platypus. Apparently he is pretty bad ass. This is likely why there is a whole series of water bottles named after the majestic animal. (Okay, that was going too far. I don’t think our little buddy is a joke but “majestic” is clearly an overshoot and I don’t want to embarrass him. It’d be like using the word “integrity” or “transcendent” to describe this blog. You could but that would make you look silly. Don’t throw us a bone. Me and the platypus? Yeah, we know who we are and we are just fine with that.)

The Platypus plusBottle was the answer to my Google-searching prayers. I wanted a water bottle that could also pack up nice and small. So I can now carry a liter of water or I can carry something that looks like an embarrassed Ziploc bag. Perfect! And, like it’s name sake, this little guy is tough. No venom but I don’t have to worry about it being punctured.

It might not be a big deal to others but I like to get credit for using up stuff. If I use up most of the toothpaste then the tube gets smaller. Before the Platypus plusBottle my progress wasn’t being rewarded by a smaller bottle. Oh, no. And I think if there’s one thing we can agree on in regards to the mighty platypus, it’s that he’s all about progress.


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