Dirty Little Secret

30 Apr

World, it’s time you knew my dirty little secret.  I bought an iPad 2.  Yes, I’m not proud.  I too have joined the herd.  After buying that iPhone it was all downhill from there.  What can I tell you?  I love apps.  And it was no longer enough to have a laptop when I could be looking at giant apps.  Because that’s what an iPad is, friends.  It is a giant iPhone with giant apps.

When trying to rationalize the expense I tried to talk myself into believing that this iPad is for our trip.  After all, won’t it be great that we won’t have to lug all of our (my) guidebooks around?  We’ll have them all available in my Kindle app.  And if there’s WiFi, the Mister can check whatever it is he checks on the internet.  Then I could use different apps to collect all of our trip information in one place so it’s right there.  All neatly tucked away whether we have the net or not.  And maybe I’ll put some notes together so that we don’t have to rely on my brain for historical tidbits.  We could watch movies on the sucker, too.  We’d download some and then when Europe got boring watch them on the plane.

But one of my biggest sale points was the access to maps.  We could have all of those maps saved offline somehow.  We wouldn’t need to buy any or worry about carrying them.  We’d be able to zoom down to the location.  Perhaps we could even bookmark our hotel for the night.  Talk about technology making our lives easier!

Well, the Mister told me that I didn’t need to sell him on the idea of me buying my own toys.  He told me that I was a grown up with a job and that if I could pay for it, that was that.  So I bought it.  That argument of his was very convincing. 

I have it now and I think it’s great.  I’m able to watch documentaries on it without forcing the Mister to watch them along with me.  When I’m reading one of my many books related to our trip, I can pull up info on the web that makes it come to life (i.e. surf YouTube for sleepy kitties).  I dig the games that I’ve found.  And the apps.  There are so many dang apps that are built just for the iPad.  And my favorites from the iPhone look so very nice all blown up and big.  And I can type pretty darn fast on that keyboard.  I’d worried about it but – here’s another mind-blowing secret – I’ve even been blogging on it.  Yes, really.

Why does the song "Under the Sea" come to mind?

But the maps?  I’ve only started looking within the past few days.  The internet tells me that I can get my apps offline if I’m willing to buy a GPS system for the iPad.  Or I can get them offline in an app for a cheap price but then only if we go to big cities.  Or I can get them offline for free… if I’m willing to have the Netherlands be completely under water for some reason.  And Amsterdam not in view at all.  I mean, I start to kind of question a map’s accuracy despite the bargain basement price when I can’t even search for a nation’s capital.  I’m kind of demanding.

As I said, I’ve just started looking.  There’s bound to be an answer to my map query somewhere.  One thought is to take screen shots of the maps online at different zoom levels.  That sounds pretty drastic as I’m sure that there is a solution out there for this exact query.  Maybe I could at least create screen shots for the harder to find stuff… You know, like Amsterdam.


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