Legendary Sin Cities: Paris, Berlin and Shanghai

28 Apr

Last night I watched a ripping good documentary from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). You could make the argument that the CBC is similar to NPR (National Public Broadcasting). That makes this doc all the more interesting. The subject matter was full on risqué and something that NPR couldn’t tackle. Or they could but most of the images would be blurry or the scope would be narrowed. That’d be a shame because, as I said, it was great. I mean, I’m not even posting the DVD cover image on the off chance that you might be reading this at work because there are women in all states of undress on it. I don’t think that the content is objectionable at all but whoever signs your paychecks might not agree with me, ya know?

In the first half of the 20th century Paris, Berlin and Shanghai were bringing sexy back. Not only did theses trade dramatically increase in these cities but sexual awareness and participation. I mean, you name it and it could be had. And if you happened to live in a country with a stronger currency, like the US of A, then it could be had cheaply. Paris, for one, had cheap wine and women while the States were under Prohibition. Talk about a come hither.

CBC - more than just docs on hockey!

Because money was desperately short, prostitutes were available in shockingly high numbers. Well, shocking if you’re me. I’m all for women doing whatever they want with their bodies but something tells me that if your dad is your pimp or if you are required to service a hundred Johns a night, that’s not your choice. Not all women had this tough, thankfully. And some actually flourished alongside the artistic movements happening in Berlin and Paris.

I’m not going to tell you every fact that I found interesting about this doc. I already did that at breakfast with the Mister and I think he is still sleeping. If you find the roaring twenties interesting, this is fantastic stuff. I really liked how open homosexuals could be. And the inter-racial coupling that went on and the lack of bigotry that accompanied it was really fascinating to learn about. Of course, Hitler changed all that but you know he has a way of ruining every party.

If you have Netflix you can stream this movie free. Or maybe you can just move to Canada because I hear they got Poutine up there.


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