Van Gogh: Brush with Genius

23 Apr

Gussy up your Netflix queue, why dontcha?

We have a Netflix account, the Mister and I.  Most of the time I use it for OCD purposes.  I’ll find a TV series that I like and then sit in one spot until I’ve watched all the episodes available.  I’m not proud of this but at least I’m getting my money’s worth.

Every once in awhile I venture out and look for something that I really want to see.  Vincent Van Gogh fascinates me so today I watched Van Gogh: Brush with Genius.  This film is all of 40 minutes and it’s absolute eye candy.  When I read up on it afterwards, I was not surprised to learn that it was made for IMAX.  You eye is allowed to go inches away from his paintings, his drawings and his letters to his brother, Theo.  You are often shown the place that Vincent painted and then the place as it is in real life.  It hammers home the point that artists see more than the average bear.  When we see beauty they see color, light, line and tempo.  It’s like plugging these amazing vistas into a bass cannon. 

I really enjoyed getting to see snippets of the film crew at work.  I’ve been able to visit the Mister on set twice the whole time we’ve been together.  The man has the best stories and if you’re familiar with my family you would know that this is a currency with us.  I’m trying to do my best in not forcing him to tell a certain one on command.  For some reason, that makes him wish that I would magically turn into a frog.  Frog’s are cute and all, but I think you see that this could be an issue.  What with commuting and all.

The guy who does the narration from Vincent’s point of view is pretty good.  Sometimes I had to listen closely to make out what he was saying but that’d be the case with the real Vincent, too.  He was hella Dutch, after all.  There wasn’t a huge amount of history shared but just enough to more fully enjoy the paintings and to have something nice to listen to while your eyes went to the day spa that is amazing art.


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