Gettin’ Sicky Wid It

22 Apr in, "Fa! Your underarms are Fa-resh!"

This week I spent some quality time with my couch, my dog and about 20 episodes of Glee.  Not one of my prouder moments but at least when I returned to work today I was raring to go.  The reason for all this sitting was that I was sick.  Sore throat, exhausted and just generally under the weather.  It seemed best to treat this with a healthy heaping of TV fluff and little else.  I’m feeling somewhat better today but it got me to wondering.  What happens if we get sick during The Trip?

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of resources on how to avoid getting sick during travel.  Most of them are concerned with Montezuma’s revenge.  You may disagree with me but I doubt that this will be a concern in Western Europe.  We’ll be drinking foreign water so our bodies might take offense but it’s not because the water is nasty.  It’s because filtered water in one neck of the woods doesn’t always mimic the contents of filtered water somewhere else.  That’s why we’ll pay more for spring water from France then, say, Detroit.

What I’m worried about is getting a cold.  I worry about this because I get colds and when I get them, I get ’em good.  When you’re traveling it’s easy to do a bunch of things right.  Being outside more means more Vitamin D.  I’ll get a chance to exercise every day thanks to the walking that we’ll be doing.  I might even be eating more healthy options because the fresh, homemade stuff is always a little bit better for you than whatever the convenience store buy I’m nibbling.

How can I prevent something like a cold?  I read a bunch of tips online at the links below and here are some things I can do.  I can rest up before our trip.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  To aid in this, The Mister has agreed to set a fake departure date.  We’ll pack up and do as much around the house as we can for this date.  Then we’ll try to sit back and relax.  We would also get as much sleep on the nights before our trip as possible.  I’m going to have to sit down and explain this to the animals because they equate bedtime with crazy-making.

We both already take vitamins on a daily basis but we’ll keep doing that leading up to the trip.  I haven’t decided if I’m dragging those suckers around with me but here again, the food we eat will help out.  Fingers crossed.

Lastly, I’m bringing along some Alka Seltzer Cold Plus.  I would normally say the fizzy stuff is the only way to go but Alka Seltzer recently brought a gel cap to the market and that’s a tiny bit more portable.  I’d hate to have to dissolve one of those tabs in my mouth for lack of  a cup.  I’d do it, for sure.  It’s the “everything is a fun science project” part of me but I think it’s better not to plan for that sort of thing.

If we do need medical attention we’ll be heading to a pharmacy first.  Most pharmacists in Europe can diagnose basic conditions and prescribe most Rx.  That sounds like a fun cultural experience right there.  I don’t remember being in a pharmacy or grocery store of any kind during my last trip so it might be interesting to see what our friends have for deodorant and toothpaste options.  You know, get your clean on, Europe-style!



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