Maps, They Don’t Love You Like I Love You

18 Apr

Geography wasn’t always a weak subject for me.  When Mr. Wightman had us graph out a map of South America, I got an A on that sucker.  But as time goes by and you find that you are a technical trainer, your need to know where Estonia is lessens.  And with lack of need goes lack of knowing.  As in, I had no idea.  Somewhere by Russia?

Stack the Countries - do it!

I’ve been looking at maps more lately.  The more I looked, the more I realized that I was not only looking at foreign countries but a foreign topic of study.  Did you know that Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore?  I certainly did not.  It’s now two countries – Slovakia and Czech Republic.  Good to know.  Andorra is not a rebel base from Star Wars, it is a country.  There are times when I’m okay being ignorant.  Like the other day I asked a lady at the gym (while we were both half naked) if the song that was playing was Justin Bieber.  I could have gone on being in the dark about that but now I know one of his songs.  If I know that then I should at least know how big Finland is.

Thankfully there are still kids out there learning geography.  And since they need to learn it there are a number of different ways I can learn along with them.  There is a sight called  It has a somewhat fun game where they give you the map and you have to place the countries or the capitals.  And they time you so you can clearly see how much you stink at it.

Pile Up! bonus game of death

I’ve also had an app on my iPhone for about a month that is a little more fun.  It’s called Stack the Countries.  They have another version for states but I’m not as feeble with that topic since I watch major league baseball.  Stack the Countries asks you questions about the countries such as their capital, larger cities, landmarks, flags, etc.  If you get the answer right then you stack the country (aha!) on a platform.  You keep stacking until your stack reaches the goal line.  My geography might need work now but my stacking is even more suspect.  I blame it all on Italy because that guy gives me truh-bull.

Map It! - that's where Estonia is!

I went ahead and took pictures of the main game and bonus game so you can see just how nerdy I’m getting up in here.  The bonus games help you figure out country shapes and locations.  The Map It! game has you place the countries on the map (similar to the link above).

The Pile Up! game just gives you a sampling of countries and you have to tap on the one they name.  You keep doing this until all the countries clear or until they stack up so high that you lose and turn off your phone because this game is lame.


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