Because It Was There

15 Apr

As part of planning, I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs and user comments on travel sites.  Maybe I do this more to find out that there are a bunch of over-planners like myself than to find out ideas.  Maybe it’s six one of one, half dozen of the other.  And maybe, who cares?  It’s fun.  As Aunty Sue wrote me, half the fun of going somewhere is planning.

One of the comments I read was that someone made some free business cards with her contact info.  Then when she met another traveler she could hand over the card and they’d have something neatly printed and ready to go.  I saw that and thought it was fantastic.  An excuse to order unnecessary office products?  Game on! 

So the picture on this post is something like I ordered for The Mister and me.  The real one has our email addresses and real names.  You see, The Mister goes by something else in the real world.  I kid you not.  I did not, however, bother with phone numbers.  I’m loathe to pick up the phone anyway.  If I want to reach out and touch someone it’s going to be by email… and probably by Hofbrauhaus e-postcards, honestly.  So it’s just basic names, emails, our city and some Rolling Stones lyrics.  When The Mister and I met I was happy to learn that he and his dad were Rolling Stones fans.  I’m a life long Beatles fan so together The Mister and I complete each other.

Chances are, we will forget we have these cards when the time comes.  That’s fine, too.  I can then recycle these cards and make mobiles to hang above Henry’s dog bed.  Oh, the times we shall have!


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