14 Apr

Sorry, liver.

Thanks to parents with priorities in the right place, I knew how to pronounce Hofbrauhaus at a pretty young age.  For those of you who are not me, it sounds like “hoff-broy-howz”.  It is one of the oldest breweries and beer halls in Germany.  It also has some history as the place where Hitler (an Austrian) got some patriotic and beer-filled Germans excited about a Third Reich.  There’s absolutely no logic that would make das Fuhrer’s actions rational but you can kind of see his angle here.  If you want to get a bunch of people solidly behind you, the time to do it is likely when they are in their cups.  And when their cups are the size of small countries, well… yeah.  I will stop my trip down this line of thought now as there is no way I would ever be drunk enough to support the Final Solution.  Ordering White Castle, totally different story.

Anyhow, I’m sure we were talking about something happier.  Ah, yes.  The Hoffbrauhaus.  This rather large beer hall is in Munich and we have one night devoted to it.  When I was there before we saw something called festhal.  This was where a talented bunch of Germans put on a show of the glockenspiel and the alpenhorn, among other things, for us tourists.  The table full of Japanese senior citizens seemed to dig it the most as they gummed away at their weinershnitzel.

I’ve been trying to tell The Mister what we’ll be in for when we visit.  He isn’t much of a beer drinker to begin with and the Hofbrauhaus doesn’t exactly have training wheels.  You can get your drink as half beer/half lemon soda but I think the carbonation just speeds up the intake of booze.  It’s probably better to saddle up with a stein the size of your head and a pretzel the size of South Dakota and pray for the best.  I’ve taken a picture (shown here) of your average pitcher and a stein from the HB given to me my father.  Prior to this snapshot I was using the stein to hold spare tires.  It’s an entire liter.  I know this because someone has clearly scraped this measure into the side of the mug.  They probably did this while holding up a wall.

If you visit the Hofbrauhaus website, and I’m thinking you should, there is a page where you can send e-postcards.  Doesn’t everyone love to get an e-postcard from their favorite watering hole?  I know I do!  It’s so much easier to delete something than to recycle it.  Another added bonus is that instead of asking you enter your “message”, there is a space to leave a “massage”.  It’s free.  Why not send someone you love a massage right now?  If you’re too busy for that you may want to hop over to YouTube and learn how to sing the HB’s theme song.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not about knitting.

UPDATE:  The Mister is now very much looking forward to the half lemon soda/half beer or “radler”.  I told him that I would hold his hair back while he puked.


One Response to “Hofbrauhaus”

  1. gilda 2011/04/18 at 17:29 #

    Thanks for the postcard site. I visited this wonderful place as a decidedly naive 17 year old girl with my best friend. She is now getting an e-card, courtesy of your blog! 🙂

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