By Gum!

12 Apr

Lottery Tickets and Dental Floss - Click the pic for the story

In thinking of what to pack for our trip, I kind of wondered about bringing dental floss.  (Yes, I’m already planning what we’ll be packing.  In fact, I’ve already purchased much of the stuff we don’t have.  The Mister is scared so you needn’t warn him.)  We’re going to be gone awhile so I thought we probably should.  But then I began finding out that fanatic light packers swear by this stuff.  And they don’t even care about your teeth.  No, they care about how many things you can do with dental floss.  I’d hate to keep these pearls to myself so here is a list of the ones that I’ve read about.  Notice that I didn’t say “tried” because the only one I’ve “tried” is actually the use that is described on the container.  I know, YAWN.

  1. Flossing your teeth
  2. Use floss to secure your bag to the train/boat/bus seat
  3. Using it with hotel hangers that don’t have hooks to hang clothes in the bathroom
  4. Cutting cheese or other soft foods
  5. Ponytail holder
  6. Sew on a button
  7. Clothesline
  8. Remove a tight ring from your finger
  9. Quiet a dripping faucet by tying it to the faucet and letting the water drip down the floss into the sink
  10. Temporary lock on a suitcase
  11. Wrap packages with floss instead of twine
  12. Curtain tie back
  13. Emergency shoe lace
  14. String together flowers and make a lei
  15. Tie up your pant legs before wading in the water
  16. Temporary lock for your sleeper car on the train

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