Oh, Henry!

8 Apr

Henry, he'd like to pump you up, please.

This week I had an appointment with my personal trainer, Henry.  He’s a 13 month-old cockapoo/toy poodle.  We have a nice deal.  For room and board Henry provides personal training, counseling, landscaping and laundry sorting.  His scheduling is pretty flexible, too.  I booked a one-hour slot on Wednesday with absolutely no notice.

 Now you may not include personal training in your trip planning but I think it’s important.  Working on my fitness has helped me to pack lighter for our trip by just be lighter in general.  When climbing up the 463 stairs of the Duomo’s dome in Florence, I can thank Henry when I don’t pass out.  Or when I only pass out one time.  He’s that good. 

 It’s important to me to keep walking, biking, swimming, climbing stairs and drinking copious amounts of wine.  We will be doing all of the above on our Europe trip and I’d hate to be unprepared.  If something that we want to see is only two blocks away I don’t want to find myself passing up on that opportunity because I’m exhausted.  No, I want to pass up on that opportunity because I’m too busy eating gelato. Or not.  The hard thing about touring somewhere you’re really excited about is that you can’t see everything and, more importantly, you shouldn’t. 

 Let me give you an example using my favorite topic, cheese.  If you have some good cheese and then you have some more good cheese you’ll be too full when the amazing cheese comes.  If you want to have to amazing cheese, I think you start there and you don’t mess around with the run of the mill.  You run the risk of being all “Oh, no!  Please not more cheese.  I thought I could do it but I see that I fail.  I’m not woman enough for that cheese.  Take it away.  I can’t bear the shame!” or something like that.  This is not to say that you didn’t enjoy those first bites, because you did.  You were hearing Joe Cocker singing “Feeling Alright” when that cheese went down.  But you wasted your appetite.  The amazing cheese is just more cheese and you just stuff it in your mouth so that you can clean your plate, feeling ill the whole time.

Henry is helping me get fit so that I am ready to tackle the big cheese experience.  And if I have room left over, a little good cheese here and there.  And sometimes… Sometimes I will go without cheese just so that I can remember why I think it’s glorious and how special it really is.  I’m telling you, there isn’t anything that dog can’t do.  He can make cheese better.


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