Yes, It’s Another Post About the Rickster

4 Apr

Rick Steves better have my money!

Remember yesterday when I told you that “someday” I would write a post about Rick Steves and how much he rocks my particular Kasbah?  I guess I just couldn’t wait another day.  For those of you that remain in the dark about Mr. Steves, allow me to introduce you.

Rick Steves is a travel guidebook writer, he has a show called “Rick Steves’ Europe” on public TV and he has a website that I have spent far too much time reading.  Oh, yeah.  And he does a radio show about Europe-related topics, he has a number of podcasts you can download and step-by-step tours of more important monuments that iTunes wants you to have.  And did I forget that he also runs a touring company in Europe that gives people the happy medium between tours and traveling independently?  Rick has also written a few books such as “Travel as a Political Act” and “Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler”.  Rick cannot be stopped.

And I’m okay with his being everywhere.  Rick is tops in my book because I feel like he’s a different voice.  He bravely tells you what cities are a little dull, which sights are a waste of time and informs on how Europeans are different than those from the US, without ever saying that one way is better than another.  His purpose is to support the goal of traveling as a “temporary local”.  It means not going to Casablanca just because you saw the movie.  I also like that he recommends hotels and restaurants that are family owned.  Let’s just go on record as saying that Rick Steves is my anti-drug.  He doesn’t just give you information; he gives you his point of view.  I like that.

 My first and only visit to Europe was guided by him via Mom.  She committed his words to memory and I think that made our travel that much more special.  I knew why we were seeing something.  It wasn’t just because it was there or because everyone else saw it.  I’ve followed in Mom’s footsteps by reading through all the Rick Steves guidebooks I could manage.  I plan on buying them again in electric form so that we can have them along on our trip, too.  Would it really be living the dream if Rick wasn’t in my backpack giving me some pertinent information?  I’d rather not find out.


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