3 Apr

Hot. Dog.

Some day I’m going to write a whole post about how Rick Steves is my travel guru and bore you with descriptions of how amazing I think he is.  Today is not that day.  In this post I’m actually going to tell you a point where Rickster and I have varying points of view.  He thinks that women attempting to pack light should “take a vacation from makeup”.  I’d be game for that if we were also taking a vacation from photos.  On a daily basis I can be found running around with a face completely free of anything.  In fact, more often than not my face lives on sabbatical from makeup or on a long, unplanned hiatus from cosmetics.  My disagreeing with Ricky here is not due to some fear of cutting into a daily and sacred routine.  It’s probably much more fair to say that I’m going to be breaking tradition by putting spackle on daily. 

Now that we got that out of the way, I thought I’d share the tips I’ve gathered for how to get your face on when abroad.


This store started in France in 1993 but I don’t know what girl derby announcers would do without them.  I believe that their flagship store is on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.  But I also believe that you say “windshield” instead of “windchill” for wind temps, so… yeah. 

Anyway, our friends at Sephora don’t have a page dedicated to travel stuff but it’s easy to find what you need anyhow.  I search for “travel” or “sample” or “trial” and a whole bunch of goodies springs up.  I really like the idea of the Stila Travel Palettes.  Mainly because I should not be able to pick out colors on my own.  Sephora also lets you pick up some samples with your order.  Bada bing!


Here you have a tailor-made tab on their home page that takes you right to travel-sized fun.  Their 5 Piece Microfiber Skincare Set is my favorite.  I like the idea of reusing wipes instead of chucking them.  Word on the street is that raccoon eyes kind of detract from that “I’m not crazy but you’ll have to just trust me on that” vibe I’m going for.

If you are a guy and you are still reading (thank you), I finally have something that you might like.  This site is called and they sell small sizes of pretty much everything.  If you were less than enthused about seeing the sites without your own A1 Steak Sauce they have it in both packet and bottle form.  Life is beautiful.

Travel Toiletry Kits

I want to hate these guys because their name bores me but their site is so well organized.  If you are partial to a certain brand of deodorant I’m pretty sure that you can find it here.  Of the sites I’ve listed here this is the only one I haven’t actually bought anything from but I have an order in with them for this trip.  I’ve used LA Fresh Makeup Remover wipes before and they are super handy.  You know me and my raccoon eyes issue.  It’s not funny when it happens to you.


Unless I know what I’m looking for, I find browsing for goods at Amazon both dangerous and time-consuming.  For this trip I foisted two products on The Mister from Amazon.  We’re using Eco Dent Tooth Powder and I bought The Mister some Crew Shaving Oil.  The tooth powder is really nifty because there is definitely a fizzy, chemical reaction happening in your mouth.  Also, we can carry what we’ll need for the whole trip and the container is light.  I’d like to put what we’ll need in another container but I’ve watched Charade too many times not to worry that TSA will think I’m a drug mule.

Department Stores

Many a department store will happily throw sample-sized stuff at you, with a matching bag, no less.  You just have to spend so much at their makeup counter to get it, which is fair.  Lancome offers the best deals and the best bags.  The Body Shop does really well in loading travel-sized stuff into bags you’ll actually want to use.  I’m just too lazy to put them in their own category.  Bath and Body Works makes travel-sized stuff but they’ve gone from their 2 oz bottles to 3 oz bottles recently.  This is maybe only a big deal for me but I find that the 3 oz bottles are just a bit too big for how much I need with me.  Besides, as Rick always says, part of the fun of traveling is running out of stuff and shopping for it there.  If I haul too much Sweet Pea lotion with me I’ll never get to find out what Italian women put on their elbows.

I tend to buy better stuff for trips than I regularly (or not so regularly) use at home.  A big thing that I like to do on business trips is to bring along all the samples that I accumulate.  Stuff the lady who cut my hair gave me, a stray Biore pore strip and some freebies I got from who knows where.  It’s a mini spa date for me and my suitcase.


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