What Goes On…

2 Apr
Pancake-Hatted Bunneh

What's on? This pancake hat, that's what.

Today I’d like to share a site with you that’s worth checking if you plan on leaving the house.  It doesn’t require foreign travel but it does require some separation anxiety for you and your couch.  If you can handle that then Bob’s your uncle.

Enough chatting, here is the site: www.whatsonwhen.com.  I typically don’t type the “www” when pulling up a site but for this one you have to or you get that pesky DNS server error.  And you’d miss out on the Austrian Snowbombing article if you did that.  Sacre bleu!  Funny story about that little French phrase.  First off, the French don’t use it.  Americans use it when we write screenplays for French characters.  Secondly, I read in a book once that a French king found it offensive when people said “sacre dieu” or “holy God”.  So instead people would say “sacre bleu” or “holy blue”.  There was another version of this story where people wanted to curse about the king but feared he’d take their birthday away (you know, by killing them) so they cursed his dog, Blue.  I’ve also read that the use of blue is in reference to the Virgin Mary who is not canine in any way.  End of tangent…

Back to www.whatsonwhen.com.  You can run searches for what kind of event, where the event is taking place and when.  You’re also able to narrow your search down by category.  This is the main reason I like this site so much.  They have categories like Gay & Lesbian and Science & Knowledge.  Oh, then there is the one I think they might have named after yours truly, Weird & Wonderful.

The site is easy to navigate and the content is pretty good, too.  If you look up your own city you’ll see that there is a bunch that could be added to it.  For example, the concert info they list here wouldn’t help me one iota.  Still, it’s an easy way to pin down the big stuff that’s happening.  For travel this could make or break your trip.  Think about it.  If you’re a huge fan of, say, cheese shaped like tulips and they have a huge convention of some kind, wouldn’t you want to be in on that?  Or the correlary, if you hate tulip cheese lovers, wouldn’t you want to avoid this like the pox?  Darn tootin’.


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