MSR Packtowl (the Parentheses Post)

1 Apr

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like towl

I know it’s a brand name but it pains me to spell “Packtowl”.  Did I tell you about the new pet store by our house?  It’s called Pet Store “Plus”.  The Mister doesn’t see why the quotes irk me so.  I told him that it sounds like they are fibbing.  For example, if I told you that I was going to send you some “money” for your “birthday” what would you think?  You would probably think that I not only needed a vacation (I do) but that I also need time away from punctuation marks (that is also likely).

Anyway, back to the MSR Packtowl which was probably made on a Wedsday in Febuary.  (I’m done, I swear.)  Spelling aside, this is pretty dang nifty as inventions go.  I read about this item online and thought that it might be good for the trip.  Everywhere we’ll stay will likely have towels (with correct spelling, no less) but none will be as absorbent as this guy.  The MSR Packtowl looks like something you’d wrap around your furniture before having moving guys haul it away.  Except less quilted and less dusty.  It doesn’t look like a towel so I’m guessing that’s why MSR left out the “e”?  (Obsess much?  You have no idea.)

I gave my new Packtowl a test run at the gym the other day.  In general, a towel has two main roles to play in my gym experience: 1) dry me off and 2) prevent me from walking around naked and being “that lady” when in the locker room.  Now we failed miserably at the second task.  The Packtowl Original Large is not big enough to cover my Original Large you-knows.  I brought another towel along for kicks and so saved myself from prancing about in my altogether.  Now for the first task.  This is where the Packtowl kicks it out of the park.  When I dried off my legs they were dry.  Dry, dry, dry, dry.  And so on with the rest of my body parts.  Now with my hair I had such high hopes fueled on science fiction.  I thought that touching even a corner of the Packtowl to my Norwegian locks would soak up all the moisture and leave me with full on Charlie’s Angels hair.  No dice but it did exceed where many a beach towel had failed and I left the shower room looking like I had actually attempted grooming.

The last test was to try rolling wet clothes in the Packtowl.  If you were wondering, this is the main reason I want to bring this guy on our trip.  I can put our hand laundry in the Packtowl, roll it up and smoke it squish out the water.  I tried this with a sopping wet bathing suit and it worked like a charm.  The Packtowl was chock full of water by this point but it wasn’t dripping all over the place.  I went and squeezed it out in the sink and a nearby gym-goer was super impressed.  I could tell by how much she was avoiding my eye contact.

I am looking forward to using the MSR Packtowl on our trip.  The Mister and I both have one.  If for no other reason, we can always add them on as doors for our world-class blanket fort.  I worry about using them for a nap blanket in the park.  What if we woke up to find that the whole lake had been sucked up while we were sleeping?  These towels should only be used for good.


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